Gym Safety – Common Injuries At The Gym

Exercise safely at the gym

Exercise safely at the gym

Exercises and workouts are physically strenuous activities. This means that they are like doing sports such as basketball and tennis. And we know that such activities are prone to injuries, especially when you do the wrong moves. It is important to know the common injuries at the gym to ensure that you do not get unplanned breaks in your workout plans.

1 – Wrist Injuries

The most commonly used body part when you are in the gym is the hand. It is present in just about every exercise, whether you are using a machine, free weights or just your body weight. And one particular area that gets most of the strain is the wrist. This is also the reason why it gets injured more than other body parts. A simple way to avoid this is using wrist guards.

2 – Back Injuries

Protect yourself from injury at the gym

Protect yourself from injury at the gym

Back injuries are very common, even among experienced fitness enthusiasts. This is due to the following reasons: over-confidence, improper posture and improper movements. Exercises that focus on the back muscles can lead to injuries due to improper posture. Other exercises that involve movement of your back may result to injuries due to improper posture. Overconfidence can also injure your back. This occurs when you think you can lift something that is actually too heavy for you.

3 – Chest Injuries

This type of injury is common during barbell bench press. You are pressing the barbell which is either too heavy or when your arms are at their limit. So the bar ends up dropping on top of your chest. To avoid this you will need to have a spotter who can assist you when try to push the barbell up but you are no longer able to.

4 – Head Injuries

Be careful while  doing Weight Lifting

Be careful while with free weights

Head injuries are always possible in the gym since there are workout exercises that involve raising weight over your head. The main reason for injuries is due to falling weights and bars towards the head or face. This can be due to tired arms unable to bear the weight or during imbalances in arm strength causing weights to fall from the bar.

5 – Overextensions

Overextensions can happen on muscles or tissues that can damage and cause pain. This is caused by wrong movements during exercise or even when stretching in preparation for one. Overextension can also happen when you are trying to move a weight that is too heavy for you.

These are the common injuries at the gym. As you can see, all of them are due to carelessness and overconfidence. Know what you doing and master it to the fullest to prevent such injuries. Better yet, have a friend as a spotter so he or she can come to your aid.

Credit Score- A Score Of Creditworthiness Or Just A Psychological Tool

How good is your credit score?

How good is your credit score?

Credit score is a number that represents the credit worthiness of the person. It has been said to play an important role in determining approved loan amount, interest rate and is sometimes responsible for getting job, insurance and other facilities too. However, with changing times the credit score may no longer be of use to you. Firstly, the educational credit score that you see can be quite different from what the lenders see. Mostly, your credit score used by other companies is the same as what is seen by the lending company. Moreover, these lending companies have their own versions of calculating their own versions your credit score, which is quite different in each company and is not accessible to you. The reason why today lending companies have adopted their own versions of calculating your credit score is that the score is nothing but a psychological tool used by credit companies to reward you for paying in time and taking more credit. Therefore, today the relevance of credit score is going down. Here are five reasons why your credit score does not matter and the reason banks are using their own ways to score you:

Does not calculate full payment history

Try to make regular loan payments

Try to make regular loan payments

35 percent of your credit score depends on your payment history. However, credit score only tells your habit of paying the loan amount regularly. Therefore, it defines whether you pay your installments for credit card, personal loan, car loan and mortgages on time. However, it does not take into consideration your mobile bills, electricity bills that and other such payments that you make every month unless you have been sued for non-payment.

Total loan amounts

35 percent of your credit score is influenced by the total amount of your debt. This is determined by calculating how much is utilized by you and how much you are using. If you are allowed a $1500 debt according to your credit score, and you utilize only $1000, it may have a negative impact on the score. This means that your credit score is not just impacted by your credit worthiness but also by your credit utilization.

Your investments and income does not influence your credit score

Your credit score has nothing to do with your income or investments

Your credit score has nothing to do with your income or investments

Surprisingly, your credit score has nothing to do with your income, investment, equity and portfolio. Therefore, debt to income ratio is not accounted for in your credit scores. This means that if you have invested your money in buying assets like shares, mutual fund or debt funds, and your increased equity will have no impact on your credit score that is supposed to define your credit worthiness.

Duration of credit

15 percent of your credit score depends on your loyalty towards the lender. Therefore, if you make regular payments to the lender then it is considered good but if you prepay the loan, surprisingly it is bad.

It may be a sign of debt trap

20 percent of your credit score is impacted positively if you have taken new loans or have taken all the loans possible even if you do not need it. Therefore, they are rewarding you to take more loans and different type of loans and like it if you are in debt trap.

Take every step for your loan to be approved

Take every step for your loan to be approved

All of these reasons suggest that traditionally credit scores have been reduced to rewarding you for taking loans and repaying them in which various factors are not included. However, lending companies have realized that they need to take many other things in consideration before approving your loan. Therefore, the traditional idea of keeping your debt low, paying the off fast and keeping a good equity may be a better way to get loan these days than just maintaining a healthy credit score by falling more into the debt trap.

Video Marketing – Is It Right For Your Small Business

Use social media to target  potential clients

Use social media to target potential clients

The phenomenon of video marketing has taken the business sector by storm. All around the world, millions of videos are being uploaded everyday just to serve the purpose of advertising their enterprise whether it’s a service or a product. However, the million-dollar question of whether or not video marketing is right for your small business has eluded entrepreneurs these past years. How would one know if it’s the right strategy to promote your business?

Why video marketing is necessary for your small business?

Sell your idea to millions in a few seconds

Sell your ideas to millions in a few seconds

There are a lot of reasons why video marketing is essential, even for small businesses. Since a lot of people spend their time on the internet, the chances of your videos being stumbled-upon by your target audiences are high. With a dedicated website or a Youtube channel, your videos can also provide opportunities for your customers to interact with you and your business. With the latest gadgets and cutting-edge tools, you can create high-quality videos in a very short time. It’s fast and convenient, and there’s also a possibility of it being viral on social networks depending on its niche.

Guidelines for your next marketing video

There are guidelines, however, to make sure that your videos are appropriate and effective. First, make sure that your video is short, roughly about 30 seconds. And since people’s attention span on the internet is very short, make sure that you utilize both pictures and videos to add variety. You should also add a touch of humour and wit to make the video interesting and memorable. The main thing to consider though is for your videos to deliver clearly the message you exactly want to say. May it be a personal message an introduction of your product or presence acknowledgment; your videos should be concise as possible.

Tips to keep in mind

Make sure you send a very clear message

Make sure you send a very clear message

Strategies on video marketing vary from one business to another, and you should be mindful of how your product or service be marketed. It is also important to upload your video on Youtube so that people inside your target demographic can freely share them on their social networking sites. If you have your own dedicated website where your videos are housed, you should also optimize your website so that it’ll pop-up on search engines more. You can also diverge to different video hosting sites and social networks to expand your market effectively and gain more attention and followers.

A lot of small businesses have benefited from video marketing. They have managed to increase their sales and online presence in the market, and there’s no reason for you to be behind of them. By utilizing all the cheap resources and advance technologies at your disposal, you can start on your video marketing right now.